Match the closest DMC Threads to a color

Find the nearest DMC Thread colors to any color value you select

Tip: Select the color you want to match using the color selector or the RGB sliders. The selected color is shown, with the HEX color, and the closest DMC threads codes displayed below. The main color selector is specially designed to make it easy to change the hue, saturation and lighness independently, which is more difficult when using RGB.


With the color selector active:

  • Up Down arrow keys adjust brightness
  • Left / Right arrow keys adjust saturation
  • Hold down Shift to increase step size
  • Hold down Alt / Option to change Hue

NOTE: the colors you see on your device may or may not be accurate depending on the type of display and how it is adjusted. For best results, use a high-quality, calibrated, display.

As an aside, adjusting just the brightness or saturation alone (i.e. moving the selection up / down or left / right in the square) highlights just how poor using RGB to adjust colors is. Notice as you do how all three RGB sliders change at once, often by different amounts. This shows how difficult it is to make minor adjustments using RGB without also changing the hue. I’ve read people make comments that you “really need to know RGB to make cross-stitch patterns” but all you really need to know about RGB is that you should never be using RGB to work with color. It’s purely a compact component format used for storage, transfer, and display purposes and not a colorspace that you should use for working with.

Also, the colors you see will depend on your monitor settings and may not exactly match the thread colors you see which will also depend on the lighting conditions. There are a lot of factors that can impact color selection so we can’t guarantee the results and this is intended as a convenience only.

Let us know what you think and look-out for more cross-stitch tools, calculators and utilities coming soon!

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