Sleeping Giant



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720 w x 407 h in 59 colors


This pattern will enable you to reproduce the image using the medium of cross-stitch or diamond painting. The custom charting technology we developed produces the highest quality cross-stitch and diamond-art patterns available with new levels of detail and color matching to accurately reproduce the images in whatever size and color combination you prefer. Not every image will look as good with the lowest colors at extra small size but not every image needs maximum colors at extra large size. We create every combination and provide accurate mockups so you can select the pattern that is right for you.

You can be confident that the pattern you buy from us will produce a piece that you will be proud to hang on your wall or gift to a loved one, to be admired for generations to come.

Patterns are available to download in PDF format immediately after purchase and will also appear in our pattern viewer and tracking application. This is the pattern only and does not include any paper copy or the materials you need to complete the project - you can purchase these from your local crafting store or online supplier of choice and the pattern will detail the number of skeins required based on the material type and stitching style you use.

Image Sizes

Patterns can be used with any canvas type, all that will change is the physical dimensions of the completed image. To allow for mounting a cross-stitch piece in a frame we recommend a canvas size with at least 3 additional inches on each edge.

Completed Image Size Suggested Canvas Size
Canvas Type Width Height Width Height
11 Count Aida 65 ½" 37" 71 ½" 43"
14 Count Aida 51 ½" 29" 57 ½" 35"
16 Count Aida 45" 25 ½" 51" 31 ½"
18 Count Aida 40" 22 ½" 46" 28 ½"
20 Count Aida 36" 20 ¼" 42" 26 ¼"
22 Count Hardanger 32 ¾" 18 ½" 38 ¾" 24 ½"
25 Count Evenweave 28 ¾" 16 ¼" 34 ¾" 22 ¼"
28 Count Evenweave 25 ¾" 14 ½" 31 ¾" 20 ½"
32 Count Evenweave 22 ½" 12 ¾" 28 ½" 18 ¾"

Color Palette

The complete color palette for the selected pattern is shown below. The downloaded PDF pattern or our app will give you the complete estimate of thread-skeins required based on the canvas type and number of strands used for stitching.

All our patterns are the highest quality that can be created for the given size and color constraints. Occasionally this results in some threads that are only used for a handful of stitches in a pattern but we include them because they are the best matches for those colors. You can stitch them as-is or you can use your own judgement and may decide to replace them with another similar color that is already used elsewhere in the pattern. Use our closest DMC thread-color lookup tool to select candidates for replacement.

Code Name Count
792 DK Cornflower Blue 36,353
3807 Cornflower Blue 29,292
799 MD Delft Blue 17,744
813 LT Blue 17,342
826 MD Blue 14,109
3839 MD Lavender Blue 13,693
798 DK Delft Blue 12,502
797 Royal Blue 12,436
3808 Ultra V DK Turquoise 11,565
930 DK Antique Blue 11,549
334 MD Baby Blue 11,219
322 DK DK Baby Blue 9,747
809 Delft Blue 9,241
3840 LT Lavender Blue 9,123
3761 LT Sky Blue 7,704
312 V DK Baby Blue 6,953
519 Sky Blue 6,689
3766 LT Peacock Blue 6,477
3768 DK Gray Green 6,084
3760 MD Wedgewood 5,642
924 V DK Gray Green 5,514
3838 DK Lavender Blue 4,591
561 V DK Jade 4,368
3750 V DK Antique Blue 4,164
3755 Baby Blue 3,375
747 V LT Sky Blue 3,219
336 Navy Blue 1,473
597 Turquoise 1,443
311 MD Navy Blue 1,176
827 V LT Blue 1,124
Code Name Count
3810 DK Turquoise 1,052
162 Ultra V LT Blue 905
996 MD Electric Blue 897
3848 MD Teal Green 813
156 MD LT Blue Violet 597
794 LT Cornflower Blue 521
160 MD Gray Blue 459
964 LT Seagreen 417
803 Ultra V DK Baby Blue 399
823 DK Navy Blue 267
341 LT Blue Violet 154
820 V DK Royal Blue 131
340 MD Blue Violet 102
3756 Ultra V LT Baby Blue 81
500 V DK Blue Green 62
Blanc White 58
517 DK Wedgewood 47
828 Ultra V LT Blue 35
939 V DK Navy Blue 35
310 Black 31
3814 Aquamarine 22
791 V DK Cornflower Blue 18
824 V DK Blue 8
825 DK Blue 6
3846 LT Bright Turquoise 4
3841 Pale Baby Blue 3
319 V DKPistachio Green 3
29 Moussaka 1
3799 V DK Pewter Gray 1

Why Buy from Thread-Bare?

  • Our custom developed charting engine and professionally calibrated color palette creates the highest quality charts available
  • Accurate mockups show the exact stitch detail that each pattern will produce with no added detail or colors
  • Your pattern PDF is available in 10 different combinations of print sizes, color or B&W format, including 1:1 diamond painting size
  • Pattern PDFs are super clear and easy-to-follow with thread-list, skein estimates, page index-sheet and unambiguous symbols with page-continuation pointers and overlap areas.
  • Free viewer & progress tracking app with cloud sync, compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, MacOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Upto 50% of each sale of licensed artwork is paid directly to the artist, the highest royalty percentage in the industry by far

Our Policies

Giving You More
10 PDF formats of each pattern included, no charge to re-download
Supporting Artists
We pay upto 50% of revenue to arists who license their art to us
Sell Your Art

We offer the highest royalty rates in the industry. Other pattern sellers may charge $20 or more per pattern but only around $1.50 - $2.00 of it reaches the artist. We're committed to paying 50% of the revenue from each sale to the creator of the art licensed to us. Contact us to learn more or to use our platform to create your own store and earn 80% of the revenue!